Wednesday 5 December 2007


Over the last year or so a tide of change has been sweeping through the clothing industry as consumers, as in other sectors, begin to look beyond (and behind) brands, high street fashion, and price to see what impact their purchase might have on this planet and other people.

At Pier32 we are thrilled at this new conciousness, and we want to do our bit to raise it even more and broaden the knowledge base of those already in the know. But its not just the general public we want to communicate with, we want to keep our customers informed of the direction things are moving and and what we are doing to provide them an ethical choice. And we want to hear what they want if we are not already providing it.

To help keep things organised, we will be labeling posts with the big issues - ethics in clothing, organics, child labour etc - or just Pier 32 when we are dealing with news that is more about our business and its customers.

I am Gerry Hayter and Pier32 is my business, but I am not the only one contributing to its success so on this blog you will hear from others too. And you can contribute by responding to our posts, to make this blog better, and the business better too.

I hope you check back often to see what's going on

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