Wednesday 1 April 2009

Met nicked! (our idea)

With our background supplying a range of charities and groups such as Stop the War Coalition, Global Justice and Student Action for Refugees, it was no surprise when we were approached by the Met Police for advice on the best clothing to wear to police today's demonstrations in the City of London to coincide with the G20 global summit.

The brief was simple - to come up with clothing that would minimise the risk of violence so that the whole day would go off as peacefully as possible.

We sent our design team to New Scotland Yard and there, in consultation with some of the front line officers, we came up with our masterplan. The police we argued, were as impacted by global warming and the collapse of the banks as many protesters. By avoiding wearing riot gear and dressing in our simple fluorescent t-shirts - and their regular hats of course - they would be able to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate their intent to avoid any nastiness. Further, we suggested that the t-shirts should carry slogans to demonstrate their affinity with many of the views of the protesters - slogans such as:

  • Bring peace to the streets - hug a masked hoodie
  • My patrol car's a Prius, my other car is a police horse
  • I bank with RBS, and
  • It's a fair cop - Fair Trade Now!
We also suggested that as many of the protesters would be carrying flowers, the police should carry daffodils rather than truncheons.

Those of you looking at the scenes today can see our disappointment that our idea did not get carried through. But they did nick some of our ideas! At the time of writing there is no sign of riot gear and all the police are wearing fluorescent yellow!

But we don't mind, right now things are relatively peaceful - and let's hope it stays that way.

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