Friday 29 January 2010

T-shirt printing for music festivals

We've been pushing forward with our contacts in the music industry recently - the conciousness over ethical t-shirt printing decisions is as big here as anywhere and we want to be at the forefront of people's thoughts when it comes to purchasing decisions because, putting it simply, we think that our t-shirt printing provides the best combination of value with ethics in the business.

This is the new look of our sister site - aimed squarely at this market.

Already, in the middle of this wet winter, the music airwaves are buzzing with news of who's going to be appearing at which music festival this summer. One thing you can be sure of is that Pier 32 are going to be there in the mix. For example, last year our client Hotbox Events ran volunteer teams of people of between 450-500 at the Reading and Leeds festivals, and 250 at the Latitude festival in Suffolk. Every volunteer was given a Pier 32 crew t-shirt, and each member of staff a Pier 32 t-shirt and fleece.

Hotbox Events works with Festival Republic recruiting and managing staff and volunteers for festivals pulling together Campsite Assistance Teams (CATs) and Helpful Arena Teams (HATs) at the Reading, Leeds and Latitude Music Festivals since 2003.

The CATs and HATs work in the campsites and arena, helping the festival goers to get the best out of their weekend by providing directions, helping to carry belongings and putting up tents, reporting back regarding any problems and working with fire safety, medical and security teams as required.

In 2009 Hotbox was looking for a new supplier to print the t-shirts and embroider the fleeces. Hotbox wanted to go ethical with both material and production, although they also needed to stick as close to the 2008 budget as possible. This was not on the face of it an easy task but they made the right decision in contacting Pier 32 and our broad range of ethical t-shirt options fitted the bill precisely.

Mark Hatchard from Hotbox Events said:

"Pier 32 worked tirelessly with us in 2009 - it wasn't an easy task for them as we needed numerous logos in specific colours and shirts and fleeces in batches of very specific sizes. Pier 32 managed to produce the orders to budget, and the shirts and fleeces arrived on time and looked great! We really appreciate the effort and will be back for more in 2010!"

You can find out more about Hotbox Events (including how to apply to work at a festival!) through their website: Here's an image of the teams in action...

Hotbox Events is a trading name of Hotbox Studios Ltd.

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