Friday 13 January 2012

Sourcey Undies

A slightly naughty post to brighten up this gloomy Friday the 13th. It's easy to find green and ethically produced footwear and clothing. But lingerie for the girl who cares about what she puts on and takes off? That's a little more tricky to get your mitts on.
Kudos, then to sisters Sophie Holloway and Alice Holloway-Smith, who are bringing green credentials and upcycling skills to that most under-rated of accessories - the nipple tassel and pastie. Inspired by the rise of interest in burlesque, the sisters have created a range of cheeky scanties that are exuberantly designed and unashamedly luxurious. They upcycle scraps of antique lace and silk, but the most surprising element comes from an unlikely source--old car seats. The super-soft antique leather is used to line the backs of the pasties, to eliminate any risk of ... you know, chafing.
Sophie and Alice deserve nothing but praise for bringing a touch of naughty fun and glamour to a sector that, despite everyone's best efforts, has a slightly dour image. No danger of that with an ethically-produced jewelled nipple tassel!
Find out more at the Holloway-Smith Noir website.

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