Wednesday 28 March 2012

One Dress To Rule Them All

The central dichotomy with the ethical fashion biz is that it's actually better for the environment if we buy fewer clothes. Less strain on the water supply, on power, on the earth.

However, you can still think your way around this problem. Multifunction clothing is a smart way to address the situation, and I don't mean the sort of crumple-free roll-up travel wear that'll make you look like a backpacker.

Let me introduce you to Loomstate and their 321 collection. They offer simple, colourful garments that can be used in many different ways. Essentially you can have a capsule wardrobe with a couple of pieces.

There are seven styles in total, including dresses, sleeveless tops and a cardigan, that can be mixed, matched, rotated and reversed in an almost limitless number of combinations. For spring, the colour ways are neutral-based, khaki and black spiced with pops of bright pink and yellow. The pieces are made from tencel, which is quick-drying, shrugs off wrinkles and is sourced from natural fibres. Lean and green.

Loomstate's designer, Ronan Gregory, says of the collection:
"321 gives women the freedom and creativity to transform their look, based on their mood and functional need, with one piece.”
Can't say fairer than that. As Pier Crush Vivienne Westwood always says, green fashion thinking is all about buying fewer clothes that are more likely to last. And Loomstate's 321 solution seems to have all the bases covered.

Check out the range at Loomstate's website.

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