Friday 28 November 2014

Dive Into The Submariner's Sweater

As is the way when I'm up against deadline and flat out of ideas, random associations start to bump up against each other. With Rememberance Sunday still fresh in the memory, our thoughts are turning towards the sartorial elegance of the military silhouette. At the same time, we are at the waxed tip-ends of charity lip-warming event Movember, and there are a lot of gents hitting the streets with mighty impressive moustaches. Also, I don't know if you've noticed, but it's getting damned cold out there. So, what is a chap to do to make the most of his newly-discovered soldierly swagger, while keeping himelf snug against the burgeoning chill?
Fortunately our chums at The Tweed Pig, who always know how to cut a dash, have the very thing up their impeccably tailored sleeve. Naval types will be very aware of the robust cosiness of the classic submariner's sweater. A rollneck, typically in an off-white you could call buff, ecru or natural. No shocking pinks or patterns here. This is functional clothing which gets its good looks from the pared-down aesthetic at play.
Function is all important. Layered with the classic Navy duffelcoat, the sweater is designed to keep you warm and above all dry. The choice of wool is a smart one here: the lanolin that's an inherent part of the fibre shrugs off moisture, and the material keeps you snuggly while letting your skin breathe--more than you can say for a lot of modern fibres. Even the slim fit helps to insulate you. A fine example of form and function working together beautifully.
As part of a simple winter wardrobe, made from that most sustainable and ethically sound of fabrics, I don't think you can go far wrong with the submariner's rollneck. Let's face it, chaps. If it's good enough for Noel Coward and John Mills, it's good enough for you.
The Tweed Pig points out that you can begin your own submarine adventure, appropriately enough, at the Imperial War Museum, where an authentically-styled submariner's sweater is available. What are you waiting for? Run silent, run deep, and get one.

The Submariner Sweater

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