Friday 25 September 2015

Vivienne Westwood Vs. The World

It's been a busy old month for Pier Crush Vivienne Westwood. She's released her autobiography, of course, which should be a lock on the Christmas list of every self-respecting eco-fashionista (hint hint). It tells the story of her turbulent life as punk icon and fashion innovator.
But Westwood shows no signs of slowing down in her seventies, becoming ever more politically engaged. Her fears about climate change have energised her work over the past few years, and we're now seeing nothing less that a genuine, unstoppable force of nature.
For example, her opposition to the extension of new fracking licenses in the north of England is well-known, and has led to the birth of her Climate Revolution brand. But while most people would start a petition or write to their MPs, Vivienne went one louder. She drove a white tank through the Prime Minister's constituency of Witney in Oxfordshire, pulling up virtually at his front door in the village of Chadlington. The point was clear: how do you like the noise, mess and pollution, David?

Vivienne Westwood and the Nanas launch Talk Fracking tour from rikki on Vimeo.

Vivienne has also brought the Climate Revolution message to London Fashion Week, currently clogging the gutters of Soho in fake fur and used MAC lipsticks. She staged a noisy protest on the opening day, complete with banner-waving models marching through the streets. The "Fash Mob", conveniently scheduled before her Red Label S/S16 show, was a sharp way to show how fashion and politics have always shared DNA. The show itself featured Mad Max stylings with spray-stripe make-up, with the Fash Mob hollering their approval from the cheap seats. Part catwalk show, part protest rally, Westwood showed that not only is she still relevant, but that she's leading the pack when it comes to innovation and sheer entertainment value. Shiny and chrome.

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