Thursday 26 November 2009

A new look at

Many familiar with the Pier 32 site will not necessarily be aware of our separate TShirt printing site at That site gets a mention in our blog because it has just undergone a design revamp aimed at bringing our ethical options on promotional clothing to the attention of a generally younger audience involved in the music and events industries, and the student audience in general.

Whether involved in the promotion of bands, organisation of an event or festival, running a campaign or simply promoting a student society, young people are acutely aware of ethical issues in the clothing industry but also face financial constraints. The new site will communicate with these people and present the options that Pier32 has available in a punchy youth targetted design.

The site will carry some youth oriented lines not available at the Pier 32 site. So if you are looking to promote your band or event, check out the new

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