Thursday 26 November 2009

Great Gorillas! 2009 update....

It was about a year ago when we first featured one of our more quirky clients, the Gorilla Organization who promote the annual Great Gorilla Run through the streets of London.

No client buys as many oversized T-shirts as the Gorilla Organisation does. This is where the XXL size comes into its own, having to fit over a gorilla costume worn by a participant who is often lean - and definitely fit - to complete a 7km run and entertain bemused and amused passers by on the streets of the City of London.

Last year we focussed on the race itself, but the race itself has to be promoted throughout the year to ensure that as many participants as possible run to raise sponsorship. This means that gorilla volunteers are out in their gorilla suits and our Great Gorilla Run T-shirts earlier in the year signing up new runners.

The most successful promotion of the run centred on the 4th plinth at Trafalgar Square. Yes, a supporter of the Gorilla Organisation commandeered the fourth plinth for an hour as part of Anthony Gormley's 100 day living monument "One and Other". The race participant Martin Payne took to the plinth in gorilla costume and Tshirt while dozens of gorilla suited supporters did a silent disco around the plinth, all wearing the Great Gorilla Run T. The organisers not only raised the profile of the event through the video coverage (see here) but also sold many Tshirts on the day to onlookers at Trafalgar Square, many of whom joined in the disco.

This year over 600 participants turned out for the Great Gorilla Run on 26 September. Many had been inspired by Martin's performance and the silent gorilla disco dancers of Trafalgar Square.

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