Saturday 18 June 2011

The Big Issue

This week saw another first for Pier32 - our debut appearance in The Big Issue magazine. The idea was first suggested to us by the delightful and charming Jenny Bryan who came to visit us at UK Aware earlier this year (another Pier32 debut event). As anyone who has seen the article will already know, we have an excellent relationship with The Big Issue Foundation and have supplied them consistently for over 5 years now. In fact, we had a quick check through our archives and discovered we did our first Big Issue job back in 2004. At the time of writing this entry, our Big Issue article and advertisement is still in the current issue available from your local vendor, the Big Issue week runs from Monday to Sunday. You can find us on page 34 (although we may not appear in all regional variations).

Now for an introduction. Rob Wickings - you can find him on Twitter as @Conojito - will be joining the Pier32 team and writing regular blog entries for us on a wide range of varying and relevant issues. Over to you, Rob...

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