Friday 1 July 2011

Pier 32 On Greenfinder

Shopping is tough. It can be hard work to find a safe way through the maze of suppliers and e-tailers, and tougher still if you want to take an ethical path.

Greenfinder can help guide you through that maze to find the right service for your needs. Like a green version of the Yellow Pages, they have listings for just about any eco-friendly product your little heart could desire. Whether you're looking for organic baby shampoo, fairtrade footwear or a way to make your garden that little bit greener, Greenfinder has got you covered.

We're pleased as punch to announce that Pier 32 are now listed in Greenfinder's Eco Office And Green Business Service listings. We're delighted to be in the directory, and we happen to think we're in very good company.

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