Tuesday 4 September 2012

Fashion's Dirty Secrets

At heart, I am an east London boy. It's pretty well buried, but it's there and it tends to come out when I've had a few beers, glottal stops, dropped 'g's and all. Having the Olympics in East London has been brilliant, as it's helped to regenerate an area that desperately needed investment.
Walthamstow, London E17 is where I was born and spent a decent chunk of my life. It's a vibrant, arty place with its own sense of self and place. Over the past few years the arty community of The 'Stow has been working hard to highlight the cultural worth of the place.
Here at The Pier we are great admirers of Ms. Wanda's Wardrobe, a brilliant ethical fashion blog based in E17. They are exhibiting as part of the ongoing E17 Art Trail. The show, Photographing Fashion's Dirty Secrets, features photos donated by Greenpeace, ActionAd and Traid that show some of the stories, crimes and injustices that are carried out by the global fashion industry.
They also have a pop-up shop selling upcycled and vintage clothing, and will be hosting a charity fundraising night on September 14th at Walthamstow's best pub, The Rose And Crown.
The Ms. Wanda's site will be highlighting a photo a day from the exhibition, but it's worth getting down there if you can. I'm tempted, if only because the exhibition is housed on the street where I spent the first five years of my life. Amazing what coincidences can crop up in this ethical fashion blogging game!
For more, have a look at the E17 Trail page for Ms. Wanda's. And if you're not already following the blog: what's keeping you?

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