Friday 31 August 2012

Kartforce: The Need For Speed

The Paralympics have started with a bang for the British squad, with a brace of golds in the bag already. The 2012 Games have helped us to really focus on the way that disability doesn't make you helpless, or unable to achieve greatness.

The 2012 ParalympicsGB squad has a particularly strong showing from ex-servicemen and women that have been wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq. For these brave men and women, staying active and strong is especially important.

That's why Pier32 were happy to help out Kartforce, an organisation dedicated to giving disabled ex-soldiers a chance to enjoy an adrenaline-packed go-karting experience. They've devised an innovative series of hand controls that allow a fine degree of control without having to worry about pedals.

Kartforce also raise money for charities that help out injured ex-Forces personnel, working hard to provide a legacy of support for our heroes in their time of greatest need. Drivers using Kartforce-supplied vehicles have just set a Guinness World Record for most distance covered in 24 hours. That's an amazing achievement, and one that makes Pier32 proud and happy to help them out with a stack of t-shirts.

Kartforce's next event will be at Rye House in Hertfordshire on Saturday, September 8th, and we hope to have an eye on the ground to report back on all the action. For now, if you'd like to know more about Kartforce and their work, check out the website.

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