Friday 14 February 2014

Getting Wild On Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is a remarkable place. An oasis of green clam in the middle of busy North London, it's also home to a huge variety of wildlife. This is a fact that can sometimes be lost by the public, on the Heath for a stroll or a kickabout.

Wild About Hampstead Heath is a community project dedicated to letting the people who enjoy the Heath know about the wealth of wildlife around them. There are tons of events and meet-ups, and the Wild Heath Bikes that tour the park are packed full of activities and equipment to help you get up close to nature. That's one pictured above, along with some of the Wild Heath team - resplendent in hoodies supplied by Pier32!

Wild About Hampstead Heath is a great initiative, which mixes fun and education in a very smart way. There's always room for volunteers if you want to get involved, or just look out for the bikes, and volunteers and of course the hoodies next time you're on the Heath!

For more info, why not check out the website?

Wild About Hampstead Heath 

Our attractive volunteers are in AWDI Street And College Hoodies, perfect for a windy day on the Heath.

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