Friday 5 December 2014

Christmas With Pier32

One trend that has bemused me over the last few years is the re-emergence, however ironic, of the Christmas jumper as a fashion item. Do we blame Darcy from Bridget Jones for pulling off the pullover look? Whatever the reason, the colourful Xmas jumper is a look that's made the leap out of the home. Last year, the pubs of London were full of party-goers resplendent in chunky, snuggly knitwear. Can you afford to miss out?

As ever, Pier32 has you covered. In association with the Christmas Store from Premier, we're offering a range of top designs, from reindeer to pud. If you're a fan of nordic noir, we can even help you to rock the Sarah Lund look. And of course, they're ethically produced to Wrap-certified standards. What could be better?

Well, since you ask, we've gone all-out for the festive season this year. You can get the turkey in while wearing one of our Xmas aprons, rock the house with our musical tie or make out like the merriest rapper in town with our snowflake and tree-bedecked flexfit cap. We're even doing socks, so that's the presents sorted as well!

Camp as Christmas

But the star on the top of our tree this year has to be the Xmas Onesie. No need to worry about what to wear while you're unwrapping your pressies and taking that first sip of egg nog. In Santa and Nordic designs, you can be snug and comfy in the knowledge that while you might look a bit silly, you're embracing the holiday season in all it's gleeful absurdity.

The dictionary definition of gleeful absurdity.

So what are you waiting for? Grab that phone, and chat to Santa Gerry or Ian the Ethical Elf, and let's make Xmas 2014 one to remember.

The Pier32 Christmas Store

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