Wednesday 25 February 2015

Source Brand Preview 2015: Ready To Go!

It doesn't seem like any time at all since the last Source Brand Preview, hosted by the Ethical Fashion Forum. And yet here we are, on the cusp of spring, and the first major event of the ethical fashion calender is almost upon us.
The Source Brand Preview is a brilliant way for suppliers, manufacturers and designers to showcase their wares, and for buyers and writers to check out what's new and exciting for spring and summer 2015. Best of all, rather than shlepping out to one of the typical trade fair venues, the show takes place entirely online. No need to leave the office (or, if you're like me, to get out of your joggers and slippers). Top tip: use GoTo Meeting on your smartphone or tablet, and you can literally take the show with you.
Using robust and proven conferencing tech, the Source Brand Preview guys are able to bring together a dazzling, world-wide array of participants that would otherwise have found it far too difficult and expensive to attend. This year's show features designers from as far afield as Africa, China and South-East Asia. Fashion is a global business, and the broad range of participants shows that off to a tee.
There's something for everyone at this year's show, whether you're interested in atelier, accessories or good old basics. The two days of the show mean that you can drill down into a detailed look at the full spectrum of what's on offer, or dip in and out as the mood takes you. Best of all, because it's all taking place online, every session is archived so you can catch up later--especially handy if you find other business gets in the way of that one session you really didn't want to miss. That includes conversations in the chat boxes, so if you need to recontact a supplier you met during the show, it's a snap to sort out.
It's tricky to sort out highlights with such a broad range of participants, but I'd expect to see some names familiar to View readers, like Riz Boardshorts. I'll be focussing on basics, menswear and atelier, but I'm ready and willing to be taken by surprise by what's on offer.
Best of all, registration is free! Places are limited, but a few are still available if you get a wiggle on. Buyers from Liberty's and John Lewis, and writers from Vogue all consider the Source Brand Preview worth a look. If you have any interest in modern ethical fashion, you need to check this one out. I'll be around mostly on Friday: do feel free to pop me a chat if you're in the mood.
For more, hit up the Ethical Fashion Forum. See you there!

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