Wednesday 4 March 2015

What Are You Made Of?

Cancer. It's the one word that's guaranteed to get a reaction. The 21st century's greatest bogeyman. A cruel and indiscriminate enemy.
There's no such thing as cancer. If only that were true. What I mean is, the disease we call cancer is a massively complex subject that acts in different ways and needs different treatments, dependent on which part of the body it attacks.
Take blood cancer: a particularly nasty strain of the disease. Every 20 minutes, someone is told that they have blood cancer. There is a chance to survive it, thankfully: a blood stem cell donation. But currently, just half of diagnosed patients are able to find a match for their blood type.
That's where the rest of us come in. Our friends at Delete Blood Cancer have just launched a new awareness campaign, to let people know how quick and easy it is to register as a blood stem cell donor. Just 60 seconds with a cotton wool swab, using a procedure you can do at home, is enough. If you're matched with someone that needs your help, the procedure is a lot like giving blood, and is completed in 4-6 hours. Not much, when it comes to saving a life.
It's desperately important to increase the numbers and diversity of blood stem cell donors in the UK. The larger and broader the base, the more likely it is that doctors will be able to find a match.
It's quick and easy to take action. You can can sign up to become a donor online, and you'll get a pack directly to your door in days. So what are you waiting for? This spring, let's all do something worthwhile, and help make blood cancer a horror story we no longer need to be scared of.
To find out more, and to register as a blood stem cell donor, check out the Delete Blood Cancer website:

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