Wednesday 24 June 2015

Use It Up, Wear It Out

If you want wisdom in the often confusing world of ethical fashion, then you need look no further than Orsola De Castro, founder of Esthetica and one of the primary voices behind Fashion Revolution. In a recent interview with The Telegraph, she nailed one of the essential truths that people often miss about the field.

For a garment to be truly sustainable, it's not enough for it to be made using solar power, or recycled water, or even using upcycled components. The true test of whether a piece of clothing is sustainable is whether it's worn more than once. And this, bizarrely, is still something that those in the public eye have to deal with on a regular basis.

How many times have we seen celebrities castigated in the press for the fashion "crime" of wearing the same outfit more than once? We're not just talking the red carpet here. The clothes police of the tabloids will gleefully pick up long-lens paparazzi shots of the stars shopping, or scooting off to the gym. And heaven forbid that they should do that in anything that isn't boxfresh.

Orsola tags this attitude as toxic nonsense. She says:
“The concept of wearing something just once is sad. It indicates a lack of style, confidence, and it misses the point of what fashion is about.
“Fashion is about loving clothes, and style is the ability to be effortlessly comfortable in your own beautiful skin.
“Nothing beats a trusted old something, restyled to look fresh.”
Hear hear to that. Sustainability is all about making the most of what's already in your wardrobe, and ignoring the voices that tell you otherwise. If you've chosen a piece wisely for its timeless appeal and durability, with the understanding that it's going to last you for years to come, then you truly get what sustainable fashion is all about.

Let's put the lessons we've learned today into a song, shall we? Turn it up. I'm calling this one an anthem for sustainability.

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