Thursday 23 July 2015

The Green Carpet Collection

We're all aware, I hope, of Livia Firth and her Green Carpet Challenge. The eco-fashionista has been using her Hollywood contacts (helped just a little by film star hubby Colin) to get sustainable designs into the public eye by showcasing them on the red carpet of premiere screenings. With stars like Bond girl Naomie Harris to help, Livia has given ethical fashion a real boost of glamour.

Now she's moving things up a notch. Working closely with designer Erdem Moralioglu, whose signature style of powerful femininity locks in with the GCC message, a 12-piece range of garments celebrating the best of both worlds will be launched at a special event during London Fashion Week in September. It's the first time GCC clothing has been showcased at one of the highlight events of the fashion year.

Livia is known for only working with designers that get the importance of the sustainable message. Previous luminaries of the Green Carpet Challenge include Stella McCartney, Gucci and Christopher Bailey. But Erdem has excelled himself, ensuring that the collection, made entirely with reused, surplus or sustainably certified materials, complies with exacting GCC standards.

Livia says:

"To be awarded the GCC brandmark is alone something we are so proud of, but the fact that this year it will be created by the wonderful Erdem is hugely exciting. I have always loved his designs and his use of texture and colour. The Erdem woman has values that marry so beautifully with the Green Carpet Collections – it’s a perfect marriage of ethics and aesthetics."

This is a significant step forward, and moves the Green Carpet project out of the bespoke and into the realms where those of us that don't have a Hollywood-level budget can wear and enjoy the pieces. I think the September launch of the Green Carpet Collection is going to be one of the hot tickets at London Fashion Week. That can only be a good thing for ethical fashion. It makes the explicit point that sustainable practice doesn't have to be boring or worthy. When done with a little flair, it can bring out the A-List.



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