Tuesday 8 November 2011

Winter Is Icumen In

No matter how much I dig my heels in and howl, winter and the "festive" season approaches at speed. The evening and in some cases the morning commute are done in darkness now. It's not surprising that this is the season of parties - you need something to keep your mind off the cold bleak weather outside.

Pier32, as ever, have your best interests at heart. We've got a wide range of winter jackets that will help to keep you as snug as an insect in a carpet (or something like that). From foldaway showerproof tops to full-on skiwear, we can do the lot. And as we offer clothing from award-winning ethical manufacturers like Continental and Starworld, you can be sure that you're buying and wearing cold-weather wear that's certified to be good for everyone.

While you're at it, why not take a look at our range of high-visibility wear, which includes a jacket made from 25% recycled materials. A neat way to stand out from the crowd in all kinds of ways.

Of course, if you subscribed to our newsletter, you'd know all this already, although Guru Ian's hard work does help me to lash together a blog post when I'm feeling a bit lazy. You can subscribe at the Pier32 Website.

Pier32 Jackets
Pier32 Recycled Hi-Vis

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