Thursday 16 February 2012

Cool As A Coconut

The recent bout of cold weather has got us all pulling out our warmest items of outerwear. There are some real innovations in this area at the moment, and Homeschool, a clothing company based in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, have come up with an idea that you could call a little bit on the nutty side.

Well, coconuts, to be precise. Their high-performance outerwear uses cocona tech, a fabric made from discarded coconut shells. This stuff is not just waterproof. It's also incredibly breathable, which is just as important when you're spending a long day romping over the countryside or on the slopes.

Carbon particles from coconut fibres are infused into the cocona tech fabric, giving it breathability and a quick-dry time that's been proven to be the best in the industry. End result: you stay drier and more comfortable. Coconut is of course a sustainable fibre, and Homeschool also use recycled polyester in much of their clothing.

Based in the coldest and wettest part of America, these guys know and understand how decent winter outerwear ought to perform. Their savvy use of technology and sustainability make Homeschool all right in our book. And the gear is lean, mean, goodlooking and built to last.

Find out more at the Homeschool site.

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