Friday 10 February 2012

The Hoodie Is Hot

In face of the, to put it mildly, inclement weather sweeping the country this week, it's essential to wrap up snugly. What's needed is a nice warm jumper you can wear as an over- or underlayer, perhaps with a hood that you could pop up when snow or rain fell. Oh, if only someone could invent a garment like that...

It is time to reclaim the hoodie, to rehabilitate its less than stellar reputation. It's comfortable and versatile, and comes into its own in foul weather. I've been living in a Pier32 hoodie all week, and feel snug and secure even on a bike ride home in a snow-storm.

We are hoodie specialists at Pier32, stocking over 50 different types from more than a dozen manufacturers. Everything from the fitted longline garment for the ladies through to heavyweight zoodies (hoodies with zips, natch) that will shrug off the cold with ease. If you want to take your sounds out and about with you, many of our hoodies feature holes in the pocket (yes, that's a feature, not a flaw) and loops in the collar to keep your leads tucked out of sight. And of course we can print or embroider your logo onto any of our garments.

Why not check out our most recent newsletter for more, including a potted history of the hoodie? You can also follow Guru Ian on Twitter for the very latest news from The Pier. Have a safe and warm weekend, everyone.

Pier32 Newsletter: It's All About The Hoody
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