Friday 11 May 2012

No Hosepipe Ban For Elvis And Kresse

There might be a hosepipe ban going on in the South-East of England at the moment, but design duo Elvis and Kresse have found a neat way round it. Well, kind of.

They have made a name for themselves with their clever accessories made from recycled coffee bags and a woven metal mesh that started life as mobile phone parts. But now they've discovered a new material, and it's getting them a lot of attention.

They've recently launched a range of belts, wallets and bags made from genuine recycled London Fire Brigade fire-hoses. This reinforced rubber has been in service for twenty years or more. In the process, it's lost none of it's strength and durability, but has become soft enough to fashion into high-spec accessories. The top-of-the-range saddle bag is particularly gorgeous, and has the look of proper oxblood leather. Better still, half the profits from everything they sell in the Fire-Hose range goes to the Firefighter's Charity.

Elvis and Kresse have been go-to guys for clever repurposing of upcycled material for a while now, but the Fire-Hose range is not just admirable but actively desirable. So now when someone asks you what's the sexiest thing about a fireman, you can reply with confidence - his hose.

No, wait, that came out wrong.

Elvis And Kresse Firehose Range

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