Friday 25 May 2012

Taking Tencel Higher

Here at The Pier, we are great believers in Tencel. Made from eucalyptus and other wood pulp cellulose, it's sustainable credentials are impeccable. It's 100% biodegradable, and significantly friendlier to the environment than fabrics like denim. But it's also waterproof, breathable and endlessly adaptable.

In fact, the denim world is coming around to the attractions of Tencel. At the Paris Denim show, currently running in the French capital, Tencel manufacturer Lenzing are showing how jeans made from a denim/Tencel mix can be much more environmentally friendly. On average, denim with 25% of Tencel in the mix provide huge improvements in the washing process that is such a problem in its manufacture - a 45% improvement in water consumption has been reported. More on that at the link below: it's in German, let Google Translate do the heavy lifting.

The versatility of the fabric has seen Tencel make a show of it on the catwalk, too. Japanese designer Ryota Shiga showed a collection at the Paris Ethical Fashion Show late last year made entirely from Tencel, and won the Ethical Fashion Award for his trouble. He plans to use the fabric in more of his work from now on, and who can blame him? The clothes are sleek, sexy and sharply tailored - a far cry from the mountaineering gear for which Tencel was originally developed.

At Pier32, we're constantly expanding our range of clothing made from innovative fabrics, and Tencel is very much in the mix. Check out our range of Tencel clothing from brands like Continental at the link.

Tencel at Pier32
Tencel At The Paris Denim Show
Ryota Shiga

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