Wednesday 29 August 2012

Pier32 At Reading And Leeds

It's amazing how quickly a year can zip by. Blink and it's Easter, another blink and the clocks go forward, and all of a sudden blow me down with a vuvuzela, it's the August Bank Holiday.

Which, as a Reading resident, tends to mean the Reading Festival looms large on my personal calendar. I have been three or four times since making the move to the Thames Valley, and it's always a thrill and an eye-opener.

But did you know that Pier32 had a presence at Reading and Leeds this year? We supplied the crew shirts for the volunteer stewards at both sites, working for Hotbox Events, that helped the event to go so smoothly. As The Pier's Eye On The Site, I can confirm that the Hotbox Stewards were nothing less than polite, helpful and cheerful. We're happy to support Hotbox, as part of Pier32's long-standing relationship to the music industry.

For more about them (maybe you fancy volunteering for next year!) check out the Hotbox Events website.

And if you want to know more about what I got up to at the Festival, check out the story on my own blog. Yes, I know, completely shameless self-promotion. Caution: may cause incurable bouts of envy.

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