Friday 17 August 2012

Tasteful Jewellery

Who remembers RingPops? They were (in fact they still are) pieces of chunky, garish jewellery made of fruit flavoured hard candy. Wearing a Ring Pop was the only time until the rap era that boys could get away with wearing outrageously huge diamond rings. Finding a girl that was willing to have a lick on it was, of course, an extra added bonus.
I digress. I have a feeling that Young Ju Do, a recent graduate from the Central St Martins School Of Art And Design, has at least a passing recollection of the fruity, wearable treats of yore. The aim of her MA project was to create a range of home-compostable jewellery and accessories. The end results are dayglo-colourful and lots of fun. They look like rave-style resin pieces.
But the comparison with Ring Pops becomes clearer once Ju explains that she's created the pieces from edible materials. Containing a balanced mix of "brown" and "green" bio-material, once you're done with your jewellery they'll make a yummy treat--not for you, but for the micro-organisms and bugs on your compost heap. The pieces are designed to break down and provide sustenance for a wide range of bugs and helpful bacteria, helping your garden to flourish.
Ju's work is deeply informed by cradle-to-cradle theory. She wants to help create a new kind of throwaway culture, where products have a second life outside the retail cycle. It's a well-thought-out and beautifully executed project, and Ju's jewellery is funky and charming. She might want you to throw the pieces onto the compost heap, but I have a feeling that the discerning green fashionista will want to hang onto them.
And, unlike Ring Pops, they're not going to go sticky in your pocket and collect fluff.
For more, check out Young Ju Do's website.

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