Wednesday 5 December 2012

The Source Awards 2012: And The Winners Are:


A stonking good night at the Ethical Fashion Forum Source Awards last night, even if the best you could manage was a hot chocolate and the livestream on your laptop.


A hearty round of applause goes to Mantis World for their Sustainable Production Award, and we'd like to issue heartfelt congrats to Pachacuti, Pants To Poverty and Pier Crush Vivienne Westwood, all of whom were specially commended in their respective categories.


Here's our list of the winners:



  • Innovation (fashion design): Honest By and Linda Mai Phung
  • Innovation: (accessories and footwear): GUNAS
  • Innovation: (jewellery): Hearts
  • Innovation (childrenswear): Toto Knits
      • Innovation (one to watch): Nomi Network

  • Brand Leader (design): Lalesso
  • Brand Leader (street/casualwear): The IOU Project
  • Brand Leader (accessories and footwear): Andean Collection

  • Sustainable Supplier (Production): Mantis World
  • Sustainable Supplier: (Fabrics And Components): Organic Textile Exchange

  • The Africa Award: SOKU Kenya

  • Independent Boutique: Think Boutique

  • Design Leader: Suno
  • Outstanding Contribution: Safia Minney

  • Retail Leader: ASOS
  • Sustainable Style Icon: Livia Firth

  • Media/Awareness Raising: Six Magazine

  • Education: London College of Fashion for their MA in Fashion and the Environment

  • Source Contributing Writer: Ceri Heathcote

Many congratulations to all of us here at the Pier to the winners, runners and riders. Well deserved kudos, but the real winner tonight was ethical fashion, which shone at the chance to show what a vibrant, innovative and exciting sector it can be.


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