Friday 17 May 2013

Go Ape With The Great Gorilla Run!

It might seem a bit overenthusiastic to talk about an event happening in September when it's only mid-May. But let's face it. It only seems like a couple of weeks since Christmas, and this stuff has a tendency to sneak up on us. So, as it's Client Friday on The View, it's my duty to give you a decently timed heads-up about one of the great charity events of the year.
The Great Gorilla Run takes place on the 21st of September. There's nothing high-concept or double-thinky going on. You sign up, you do a 7K run or walk on a course that winds between Tower Bridge and St. Paul's Cathedral in London, and you do it in a gorilla suit. I'd love to say that Pier32 are supplying the suits. I think they're a bit outside our remit (am I wrong about this, Gerry?)
The Great Gorilla Run raises funds to help endangered gorillas in grass-roots projects throughout Africa. This is the tenth anniversary year, which goes to show how keen we are as a nation to help conservation as long as we can do it dressed as a monkey.*
The details. Registration is 80 quid, and the Gorilla Organisation ask that you raise £400 in sponsorship. The suit is free, and it's yours to keep to help your fundraising, and to wear down the pub afterwards. I knew my wardrobe was missing something.
There's an Oscar-style after-party on the evening of the event, with awards for the best-dressed, most-travelled and highest-fundraising gorilla, and for the best training video. There are 800 places on the Great Gorilla Run, and I'm reliably informed that they're going fast. Bill Oddie, conservationist and the funkiest of gibbons, calls the Great Gorilla Run:
"the most fun event for conservation going on anywhere in the world."
The director of the Gorilla Organisation, Jillian Miller, says:
“seeing hundreds of people dressed as gorillas, with fancy dress on top, is one of the most wonderful sights you will see in London. I would recommend it to everyone”.
I have to agree with that. It sounds like a blast. My recommendation, therefore, is to get yourself over to the website and sign up sharpish.

*yes, I know gorillas aren't monkeys. But I've already made one ape joke in this post already.

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