Friday 10 May 2013

Habitat For Humanity's New Appeal

Home. It's a simple word, with such a wide range of meanings. It's one of those words that instantly conjures up a different image for all of us. But the feeling that the word evokes are universal. Comfort. Security. Safety.

What if that wasn't the case? For millions of people around the world, home isn't a safe place at all. It's a shack with a hole in the roof that lets in the rain. It's a ragged tarpaulin strung up between sticks. If you're a child, places like this are no good if you need to rest or study. They're worse than useless. They can actively hold you back.

Our friends at Habitat For Humanity have always known that having a proper roof over your head is the first step to making a better life for yourself. For years they have been working with local communities across the globe, helping to build houses and homes for the most disadvantaged communities. Using cutting edge materials and processes, they can get a house up in a few weeks. Habitat For Humanity are launching a new appeal this spring, making sure that we know how precarious home life can be for millions of people, and how little it takes to give families a rock-solid foundation for the rest of their lives.

Pier32 has always been delighted to support Habitat For Humanity, and we're happy to do so in 2013. This weekend, take five minutes to check out the appeal website, and see if there's something you can do to help not just build houses, but homes and futures.


Habitat For Humanity 2013 Appeal


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