Wednesday 22 May 2013


An Everyday Carry post is the very definition of a look-at-me article. It's a simple notion: you post a picture of and talk about the items that you carry with you every day. The idea is that your belongings give an insight as to who you are.
There's obviously an egotistical element here, and normally I wouldn't consider The View as a place for an EDC post. But I have my reasons, as I hope you'll see.
I remain a writer without a definitive writing space. Over the past few years, I've trained myself to be able to write pretty much anywhere--as an example, this piece is being written in a hospital waiting room while I hang around for test results. In order to do that, I've developed a fairly pared down set of tools that allow me to set up shop wherever there's seat space.
The heart of the set up is my iPad, teamed with a Logitech Extrathin bluetooth keyboard. The two lock together magnetically, turning the tablet into a mini-laptop. Using stripped-down writing tools like Blogsy (for the blog, natch) and Daedalus, I can concentrate on wordcount without worrying about formatting. The battery on the iPad is good enough that I can write all day without needing a recharge. With all the benefits of wi-fi, I can and have posted for The View on trains, in cafes and pubs and even in the back seat of Guru Ian's car.
For those times when I just need a little time away from the world, I plug in my Sennheiser CX300 noise-cancelling headphones and listen to a podcast or some music. There's nothing to them. They tuck into a tiny little snap-top pouch, and sound great. Like all my EDC, they're compact, discreet and eminently capable.
As a literaddict, my Kindle is never far away. It's not the newest or fanciest, but it does the job of an e-reader without fuss, and the battery life is brilliant. Other e-readers are available, of course, but until this one breaks there's no reason to change.
I always try to carry a notebook and writing implements. Sometimes it's just easier to scribble something down, or make a quick sketch. Field Notes notebooks are card-backed, small and stylish enough to go in the bag, although I'll never say no to a Moleskine. Along with that goes a Faber-Castell propelling pencil, a couple of Sharpies and a Bamboo stylus for the iPad.
Apart from keys (keyring from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam featuring Van Gogh's Skull With A Cigarette cos it's arty and rock n roll all at once, and a wee penknife/scissor combo from Leatherman which has got me out of trouble more times than I care to mention (not that sort of trouble)) and phone (iPhone 4, two and a half years old, well overdue for an upgrade hint hint) that's about it.
Apart from the bag I carry the whole shebang around in--and finally we reach the point where things get Pier32. Everything goes neatly into a Scaramanga Small Messenger Bag. Made from solid and ethically sourced leather, and built to last for a lifetime, this is the tote I've been after since I started working at The Pier. The leather is going to scuff up and soften beautifully over time. I want it to show that it's used with love; much like its owner.
Fasteners, importantly, are zips and mag closures--no nasty velcro for me, thank you. The build is incredibly sturdy, and finished with craft and care. With enough pockets and compartments to keep everything organised, it was delivered in a sweet little cloth bag that I've started using as an emergency shoppping bag. The Scaramanga was, if I'm honest, a bit on the pricy side, but then let's not forget the ethical mantra. Spend more, buy less, choose well. Frankly, my friends, I think I've chosen very well indeed.
So, that's my Everyday Carry, and that's more than enough from me today. I'd love to know what's in your daily go-kit. Feel free to share in the comments.


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