Tuesday 2 July 2013


Habitat For Humanity are one of our favourite charities, and we regularly supply them with t-shirts. Their simple doctrine, Home=Life, tells you all you need to know about the charity, their aims and goals.

They build houses for people who need them the most, in places as far-flung as Argentina and Zambia. But they do sterling work in the UK as well. They are involved in projects in London, Banbury in Oxfordshire and Liverpool that are putting up new builds for, and with the help of the communities at the heart of the initiatives.

Better yet, Habitat For Humanity are innovating and exploring new options, including the refurbishment of disused houses and flats, in association with groups like the YMCA and Solace Women's Aid. Using grants, charitable funds and their significant expertise, they're helping to turn abandoned old shells back into viable homes.

Habitat For Humanity are also providing valuable training for school and college leavers, allowing them to gather the skills and knowledge they need to get on. The Donaldson Court development in Banbury, that opened last year, provided work and training for 18 youngsters, many of whom went on to jobs that they wouldn't have found otherwise.

To find out more about Habitat For Humanity's work in the UK, check out their website. If you're interested in helping out, there are all manner of options open to you, from volunteering to fundraising. For example, The Hope Challenge, that starts this week, is a great way to show support, have some fun and raise some money.

Have a look at the Habitat For Humanity Fundraising page and see if you can help build a future for people who need nothing more than a roof over their heads.

Habitat For Humanity Fundraising.

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