Tuesday 27 August 2013

Fashion Revolution

The big problem with fashion, and in particular fast fashion, is that we've lost any sense of connectivity with the people who make the clothes. Fast fashion garments are production line items, put together from elements that may have been created thousands of miles from the factory where they are assembled. Even the farmers who produce the fabric from which these clothes are made don't know the final destination of their cotton.

That's a problem. If we don't care where our clothes are coming from, why should we care about the people who make them? That kind of disconnection can lead to shocking events like April's Rana Plaza collapse. It's easy to abuse the system when no-one cares enough to monitor it.

So, what do we do about it? Fashion Revolution have an idea. Put together by key figures in the fashion industry, they want to pose a simple question--who makes your clothes?

To that end, they're issuing a challenge. They want people to find a favourite article of clothing, and then ask the manufacturer where it came from via social media, then make a video of themselves wearing that item, explaining why they like it and why they want to know more about it.

This is part of the buildup to Fashion Revolution Day next April 24th. This is planned to be a huge day of action involving everyone from consumers to suppliers to stores, opening up the conversation about how modern clothing is made.

It's a great idea, and we'll keep you posted on developments here at the Pier as we move towards next April. In the meantime, check out the Fashion Revolution site for more information.

Fashion Revolution

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