Monday 25 November 2013

A Source Of Greatness: The Source Awards 2013

Crikey, is it that time again already? The Ethical Fashion Forum, home and cheerleader for the cutting-edge in eco-fashion, have just announced the finalists for their Source Awards in 2013. And wow, it's a varied and fascinating line-up.

Of course, there are some names familiar to the readers of this blog: Po-Zu's fantastic footwear gets a nod, as do the beautiful hand-made accessories of Nakate. Our old friends at Mantis World are in the sports and leisure category again; always a worthy nomination. We wouldn't use them at Pier32 if we didn't think they are great.

I'm very pleased to see a company we highlighted back in May, the innovative and potentially game-changing Paper No. 9 getting into the fabric and component manufacture category. Their fabrics are bespoke and limited-edition at the moment, but who knows when that could change?

As ever, the Source Awards highlight the best in ethical fashion: from one-person shops like Senhoa, to big high street names like New Look. The one thing that every nomination has in common? A real, provable commitment to sustainability and fair trade.

The Awards are announced next month. Keep it locked to The View for the full rundown of winners as we get them. In the meantime, the complete list of nominees is below.

The Source Award Nominees For 2013

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