Monday 18 November 2013

The Pier In Winter 2: This Time It's Onesies (and Sledges)!

You know Pier32 for our ethical approach to customisable clothing; t-shirts, hoodies, hats and the like. The perfect choices for your business, club or promotional events. You can find Pier32 products everywhere, from university campuses to charities to the arena of the Reading & Leeds and Latitude festivals.

But we also like to think outside the box when it comes to promotional and customisable items, and this winter we have a couple of items that might just interest you.

The onesie is becoming the must-have item for late 2013. The ultimate in comfort wear, it's like wearing a sleeping bag with arms and legs. The onesie has made the transition from campus to high street, and everyone's going to be in one this winter. Forget the slanket, this is the way to spend a lazy day indoors. At Pier32 we have a choice of two styles, available in four sizes and up to 13 colour ways (depending on the brand). All you need to do is upload your artwork, decide on your sizes and colours and then prepare for the snuggliness!

Ready to get comfy? Start here!

But what if you decide to brave the weather and venture outside? Let's take the best case scenario: it's Christmas Day, and the country is blanketed in snow. Well, of course, Pier32 has a great range of winter and ski wear. But I bet you didn't know that we also offer customisable sledges! Again, we offer a choice of styles and colour ways, and the sledges are wood-framed and built to last. These are not throw-away items (we'd hardly be living up to our eco-friendly credentials if they were) and make brilliant presents, corporate give-aways or fund-raising prizes. If you want something unusual to get the name of your brand, product or group across this winter, a sledge is a cheeky and smart way to do it.

For more, contact us today!

So, as the nights draw in, you know that, indoors in the wrm, or outdoors in the snow, Pier32 has you covered.

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