Friday 17 January 2014

The January Sale

We're at that point in the month when the financial situation is looking a little bleaker than usual. The savings have been roundly hosed, and the cupboards are looking a bit bare. You've finished off all the Xmas and New Year leftovers (even the nuts and Turkish Delight), and payday is still a couple of weeks off.

Here at the Pier, we understand your pain. That's why, if you need promotional hoodies or windcheaters for your spring incentives or campaigns, we can offer a little help. As long as you place your order before the 31st January, we can offer this fantastic deal.

Buy 50 - get an extra 5 for free
Buy 100 - get an extra 10 for free
Buy 250 - get an extra 25 for free

I don't think you can make it any simpler or fairer than that. The offer applies to all of our huge range of hoodies and windcheaters from big name brands like Hanes, American Apparel and All We Do Is. Just give us a ring on 020 8398 2847, drop us an email, or use the Quick Quote button on the header of the Pier32 website.  

Whether it's for promotional work, charities or universities, sports teams, clubs or organisations, if you need hoodies or windcheaters, now's the time to snap up a bargain. Chat to Guru Ian or Gerry the Voice today!

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