Monday 4 April 2016

A Bag For Life

Every since the ban on free plastic bags in the UK came in late last year, there has been a boom in what are euphemistically called 'bags for life'. That is, slightly sturdier plastic bags that you're supposed to reuse until they wear out, after which the store you bought them from will replace them for free.

What happens, of course, is the darn things still end up breeding under the sink. And because they're sturdier, they'll be there for a looooong time.

There are other alternatives. The clever little zip-up bags made out of recycled drinks bottles are a pretty reasonable alternative–they close down into such a tiny package that you can stick them in a pocket. Or there's the good old tote bag. Durable, good-looking and long-lasting. A shopping bag for the ages. But you have to pay for them.

Well, actually, no you don't. If you use this clever tip from Skillshare, you can quickly and easily make a tote from an old t-shirt. Best of all, if you're a fumble-fingered twerp like me, there's no sewing involved! Five minutes with a pair of scissors and a few knots and you have the perfect bag to get your weekly veggie run home in a stylish fashion. And of course, you're doing your bit to keep that t-shirt out of landfill. Well done, you!

For all the details, head over to Skillshare and check out the video. There are plenty of other hints, tips and wrinkles on the site as well, helping you to make the best out of what you already own.



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