Thursday 14 April 2016

Ethical Silk: Luxury With A Conscience.

Silk brings many associations to mind. Luxurious, expensive, indulgent. But ethical and good for you? Probably not. Well let's reconsider that.
Despite its feather light feel and breathable quality, silk is incredibly effective at temperature regulation. It helps the body retain warmth in colder weather and expel heat in warm weather, making it the perfect, all year round wardrobe staple. It boasts hypoallergenic properties and the fabric's extremely soft texture also makes it a wonderful option for individuals suffering from sensitive skin conditions. All in all, a sensible choice if, like me, you're a sensitive soul.
With that in mind, we're delighted to highlight an Irish-based boutique who specialise in silk with an ethical twist. The Ethical Silk Company are launching a new range of loungewear, but they have always had a good base range of items crafted from speciality Ahimsa Peace Silk.

Silk is, of course, a naturally produced fibre made by silkworms. But the Ethical Silk Company only use mulberry silk, sourced by an Indian company, Ahimsa Silk, that supplies the fibre extracted after the worm has completed metamorphosis and emerged from its cocoon. This non-violent and eco-friendly harvesting technique is obviously more animal-friendly, and ties into an ethos that respects every part of the process that goes into making the garments. Once harvested, the Ethical Silk Company tasks Jaipur based fair-trade tailoring unit Mehera Shaw to precision craft every item, ensuring exceptional quality.

With a focus on both style and comfort, the new loungewear collection is the perfect way to indulge this summer. Garments include sumptuously soft silk robes, sexy camisole and short sets, elegant under slips, versatile vests and ultra-comfortable palazzo style pants.
This new collection introduces the artisan craft of block printing. The silk is printed by hand to create unique pieces, a centuries old tradition in India. The range is available in four colours - ivory, the natural colour of mulberry silk, lunar grey and two original block prints - teal and grey/coral and grey. Designed so the pieces can be matched and interchanged with any of the colours of the range, this new collection celebrates versatility and style while enjoying the pure comfort of natural mulberry silk.
Eva Power, founder of The Ethical Silk Company says:
"We've been working on a new line for several months now and can't wait to unveil the collection. Subtle, stylish and inherently opulent, the loungewear range is the perfect way to bring a touch of luxury and comfort to indoor wardrobes."
But there's more. The Ethical Silk Company also stock pure silk pillowcases–a luxurious gift with unprecedented benefits for the skin and hair. The pillowcases are indulgent yet practical, perfect for women who want to look after their hair. Did you know that sleeping on silk helps to retain hair's natural moisture and prevent breakage? Silk pillowcases are the perfect luxury present for someone who has everything with the added bonus of being machine washable.
True to its name, The Ethical Silk Company not only sources responsibly harvested silk but is also an active contributor to global communities. 10% of all profits are donated to charity - 5% to homeless cause Focus Ireland and 5% to Thenis Jeevan Jyothi AIDS Centre in India.
For more information on the Ethical Silk Co and to browse the online collection of stunning silk creations, visit:

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