Wednesday 13 April 2016

The Long Walk To Delete Blood Cancer

We're happy to support our friends in the charity sector, and Delete Blood Cancer are a cause that is always worth bigging up. Their mission: to get people involved in blood stem cell donations with a simple five minute cheek swab, and help rub out one of the most pernicious forms of cancer.

A couple who are relatively local to the Pier32 compound are taking on a big challenge to raise funds and awareness for the charity. Tom and Mandy Giannandrea, who are from Caterham in Surrey, hope to raise hundreds of pounds for Delete Blood Cancer UK by walking from London to Brighton on the 28th and 29th of May.

A blood stem cell donation is the only chance of survival for many blood cancer patients who will die if a matching donor isn’t found for them. The problem is in finding that donor. If you're not registered, you could potentially be holding the key to saving a life, and yet no-one will know. A matching donor not being found doesn’t mean that there is nobody with a tissue type compatible with the patient. That's why Delete Blood Cancer UK works so hard to increase the numbers of people registered as potential blood stem cell donors.

Mandy tells us the story of why she and Tom decided to burn shoe leather for Delete Blood Cancer:

“We have been inspired to do this after watching a little girl I used to care for called Evie fight blood cancer. Evie has been fighting leukaemia and myelodysplasia since 2014, and last year she was told that in order to survive she would need a blood stem cell donation. Against all of the odds, a match was found in America and she received her donation. Evie has been through so much at such a young age, but amazingly, through it all she has always had the biggest smile on her face. This image will help us to complete this challenge!”

Jenny Clegg, Head of Communications at Delete Blood Cancer UK, is full of praise for the plucky couple, saying:

“It is fantastic that Tom and Mandy are walking from London to Brighton to help those in need of a blood stem cell donation. We are so grateful to them for fundraising for us. Not only will it raise valuable funds for the charity, it will raise awareness of the importance of registering as a potential blood stem cell donor.”

You can support Tom and Mandy by donating at:

Just as importantly, why not consider registering as a potential blood stem cell donor? You can register in five minutes online and request a cheek swab kit. It will enable you to do your own tissue test and get on the database to maybe one day become a blood stem cell donor. Your first stop is the Delete Blood Cancer UK website:


Here at The Pier we wish Tom and Mandy all the best and good luck for the long walk ahead. May the road rise up to meet you.


Pier32 supply Starworld t-shirts and sports vests to Delete Blood Cancer in two different styles:


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