Friday 19 August 2016

Stella Flies The Flag For TeamGB!

What an Olympics for TeamGB! From the starting pistol everyone at Rio has performed above expectations, staying ahead of the impressive rate of medal winning that we achieved during the London Games. From the champions we knew would deliver like Mo Farah and Sir Bradley, to the surprising number of new faces stepping up to the podium (amazing achievements by the gymnastics team this time around) everyone has performed out of their skins and done their country proud.

As ever, our Olympians have presented a sharp, smart image at the Games, helped by graphic t-shirts and warmdown wear in bold, bright designs. Which is where events enter the remit of this blog, of course, as those garments were designed by a favourite of The View: Stella McCartney.

A standout feature of the new kit is the Olympic Coat Of Arms, designed by Stella in conjunction with the Royal College Of Arms. Featuring lions, the national flowers and a crown of medals, the design is celebratory and unashamedly patriotic. That didn't mean Stella had an easy ride with it, though. She told Vogue:

"I really fought for the coat of arms. I had to go through so many governing bodies, BOA, BPA, to get approval - and I'm not used to that. It's a bit like being back in school. But I wanted to gift the nation."

The boldness of the design, which could be mixed up and reincorporated into other elements, gave Stella the freedom to present a range that was never boring while presenting a unified front. This was important. She explains:

"The obvious thing is to work with the Union Flag. But what I wanted to do this time was to have imagery and icons within the treatment that felt individualised. So every single piece of the kit is different - different pieces of the design have been pulled out and blown up - and that meant that we had to style it more, create outfits from different pieces. Whenever I talk to the athletes, they say they want to feel like a team. I wanted them to feel like one."

The kit is technologically advanced as well, with innovations from team supplier Adidas meaning that the clothes are lighter and more capable of keeping athletes cool during events. It's the perfect balance of style and function, and has helped Team GB to present themselves at their very best.

You can buy Stella's designs, and at least pretend that you're an Olympic athlete. On your marks, get set, go to the TeamGB shop and fly the flag!



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