Friday 26 August 2016

Smarten up Your T-shirt Game With Son Of A Tailor

The t-shirt. One of the most fundamental parts of the modern wardrobe. It's become so ubiquitous that it can be worn at almost any event. Dressed up or cooled down, the simplicity of the garment means it's incredibly adaptable.

But the universal appeal comes with an issue. That is, that most t-shirts simply don't fit us properly. Think about it. We're different shapes and sizes. A dazzling variety of trunk length, shoulder width and so on. The notion of 'small, medium or large' simply can't be expected to cover the infinite variety of the human frame. In fact, research suggests that nearly 80% of us can't find t-shirts that fit properly.

The only solution would seem to be going down the custom-made route, which until recently would have been prohibitively expensive. But the phenomenon of crowd-funded companies that are able to cut costs has seen a rise in the availability of luxury products at bargain prices.

The latest of these is Son Of A Tailor, a Copenhagen-based startup that sees a well-fitting t-shirt as the core of a stylish outfit. Using a smart algorithm that can calculate the perfect fit with the need for a mass of measurements, Son Of A Tailor claim that they'll get the fit right first time over 95% of the time. If it isn't, they'll replace the garment for free.

The tees are made from organic cotton, with a built-in shrinkage ratio. So, as opposed to your shop-bought garment getting too tight after a couple of washes, Son Of A Tailor t-shirts will fit perfectly for longer.

With options for customisation including sleeve length and neck width, and a discount if you buy a stack at a time, Son Of A Tailor seems to be a smart way to upgrade your t-shirt game. If an item fits correctly and keeps its shape then you're more likely to wear and keep it for longer. Altogether now with the Sustainability Mantra–Spend More, Buy Less, Choose Wisely.

Son Of A Tailor won't rejuvenate the t-shirt trade overnight, of course. And sometimes you just want a cheap, baggy logo t-shirt to bum around in. But a rethink of a traditional model is always a good plan, and I for one am intrigued to see if these guys can give us a better option for those times when we just want to smarten up a little more.

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