Friday 20 July 2012

Are You Experienced?

How do you make your customers aware that the clothing you make is made from non-virgin, recycled materials? Well, one cheeky way is to name your company I Am Not A Virgin. The New York based company have been making jeans for four years now, graduating from prototypes made from factory scraps to the latest designs that contain 25% recycled material made from brown beer bottles.

IANAV have made a virtue of this, launching a limited-edition jean that's been stitched inside out to show off the unique weave of the cutting-edge material. Head honcho of the company, Peter Heron, has big plans for the future, saying:
"We will eventually have different lines of jeans made from green soda bottles, blue water bottles, and my original idea of using fabric scraps collected at the manufacturing mills," says Heron. "We're also making T-shirts that are made with recycled food tray (tri-blend black color), clear water bottles (white color), discarded x-ray film (light gray color) and in the future empty yogurt cartons. The T-shirts are super soft and feel great."
Unlike a lot of the limited lovelies I feature on the blog, you have a chance to get your mitts on IANAV wherever you are by supporting their Kickstarter fundraising campaign. This will help the company to keep on pushing out their desirable, innovative clothing, and also fund their other crusade - to keep the rights to their name. A certain banking/airline/media conglomorate are pressuring IANAV to change their name to something else - I Am Not Chaste, perhaps.

That's virgin on the ridiculous, if you ask me.

For more, and to support IANAV, visit their website.

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