Wednesday 17 October 2012

A Snug New Start For An Old Fleece Jacket

If you're a tech-friendly person like me, you'll know that it isn't enough to just have your Kindle or your iPad or your smartphone. No, they have to be dressed up in fancy new duds whenever you take them out for a walk. The tech accessories market is huge, and encompasses everything from woollen socks to mil-spec protection.

Now a new company, ReFleece, are bringing a bit of eco-chic to the market. Crafted out of recovered  jackets sourced from sustainable manufacturer Patagonia, and lined in post-industrial fleece scrap, their iPad and Kindle cases are colourful, practical and more than a little desirable. Even better, they remain completely recyclable. The case and lining are pressed together using a low-energy process and no nasty chemicals. They provide water-resistant protection for your precious devices, and look darn stylish in the process. A must, I think, for the techy fashionista.

ReFleece cases are available in Patagonia stores, or online at the ReFleece website.

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