Friday 1 February 2013

Every Conversation Helps Conservation With WWF Wildlife Mobile

The World Wildlife Fund's latest money-raising initiative is one of the most innovative I've seen in a while. In association with Digital Spring and Vodafone, they've launched their own mobile network!

WWF Wildlife Mobile is a SIM-only plan that's incredibly cost effective. Bundles start at £9.50 for a ton of calls, texts and data, and you don't pay a penny extra to donate to the charity. 10% of every call charge is paid by Digital Spring to help conservation causes.

Let's do the maths. A 10 minute call on WWF Wildlife Mobile could pay for six tree seedlings to help restore critical and vanishing areas of tiger habitat. Just two weeks of regular usage could cover the costs of a three-person community based anti-poaching patrol in the field for a day, protecting Tigers and Rhinos in Nepal. That sort of basic usage can add up fast and makes a real difference to vital conservation projects across the globe.

Digital Spring are keen to work with charities like WWF to create complete digital services. It's a whole new way of fund-raising without having to rattle collection boxes, and I can see other big charities moving up to join them. As the system works in conjunction with probably the largest UK mobile service provider, there's no feel that your support for a worthy call means a drop in quality--in fact the whole point is that you shouldn't notice any difference in either picking up a call or to your pocket. As WWF Wildlife Mobile offer some of the cheapest rates around, the effects can only be beneficial.

This is clever stuff, and marks a new waypoint in the way people buy phone and data services. Brand loyalty is, as we know, incredibly important, so why restrict that to phone providers and supermarkets? Donating to your favourite charity doesn't just have to be a phone call away any more--it can be part of every phone call you make. Switching is simple, free and you can keep your old number and phone. I'm tempted to look into this myself when my latest Sim-only deal comes to an end in the summer.

I think WWF Wildlife Mobile are ringing in a new era of smart, effective fundraising. Let's see where it takes us. For more info, and to sign up as either a Pay As You Go or bundle customer, check out the website.

WWF Wildlife Mobile

One of the cute bundle mascots


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