Tuesday 26 February 2013

A Very Green Dress On The Red Carpet At The Oscars

The Oscars are, if I'm wearing one of my other coats as a film blogger, something of a big deal (you can read my thoughts on the results here). But for the Pier, there was only one question that mattered.
What would the dress worn by Naomie Harris look like?
If you're a regular reader of the blog, you'll know that I'm talking about the Red Carpet, Green Dress Initiative, that allows a new designer to send a dress made with the cradle-to-cradle ethos in mind to the Oscars, worn by a movie star. This year's winner, Michael Badger, was worn by Bond Girl Naomie Harris, and as you can see, it's something of a stunner!
Let's run the numbers. The gown is made of a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic silk crepe de chine. It was embroidered with vintage glass beads and, whimsically, chocolate candy wrappers. The zips are reclaimed. The dying process employed golden rod and a renewable biodegradable natural plant source, camomile. That's right, the stuff you put in your tea. No water pollutants or chemicals were used, which meant that any waste produced could go straight into the compost bin.
The green credentials even stretch to Michael's design process. He sketched the original concept using a recycled notebook, and used hemp watercolour paper for the final drawings. You have to admire the dedication to the cause.
Greenpeace's Detox Fashion campaign have fully endorsed the design. Tommy Crawford, its Creative Director says:
"The gown created for this year’s Red Carpet Green Dress contest proves that even the most intricate design, subject to the highest levels of scrutiny, can be as sustainable as it is beautiful.”

The dress is currently being assessed for full cradle-to-cradle certification, and has helped the Red Carpet, Green Dress Foundation to raise over $12,000 for Muse School CA, a non-profit educational facility.
Read more on the Green Carpet Red Dress website.

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  1. I added a small piece of lace fabric in the center to cover my bustier which meant I did not need to pay to have the dress altered at all. I was very pleased with my new dress!