Wednesday 6 February 2013

Home Is Where The Heart Lies With Habitat For Humanity


Home is the most important place in our world. It protects us, keeps us healthy and creates space to love, learn and play. It’s where families grow together and communities become stronger.

But for the 1.6 billion people trapped in poverty housing – the shacks and shantytowns of the world - home is a place of danger and disease. It robs people of their health. It denies people the chance to earn a living and receive an education.

That's where Habitat For Humanity comes in. They're a charity dedicated to building safe, affordable buildings for the poorest communities on the planet. Remarkably, new techniques and materials and a collaborative model where the communities put up the homes themselves with a little guidance from volunteers mean that they can house a family for less than £1,500.

The great thing about Habitat For Humanity is the wide range of ways they allow you to get involved. You can donate, of course, but you can also sponsor a house. Or, if you're feeling especially handy, you can join one of their volunteer groups that are banding together to help families out of the trap of poverty housing, providing them with a solid base from which they can start to build a real life.

Habitat For Humanity work in over 70 countries worldwide, from Argentina to Zambia. They do essential work, giving people the small amount of help they need to make a real difference. Pier32 are proud of our association with the charity... And don't our t-shirts look good as workwear?

This February, Habitat For Humanity is asking you to Share The Love, and get involved in whatever way you can. From donations to volunteer work, there's something you can do to help the poorest communities out of slum housing and into a new life. There's a ton of fundraising events, from marathon bike rides to the Hope Challenge, an event where you build your own shelter and sleep in it for a couple of nights.


Habitat for Humanity knows the best way to fight poverty for a family is to help them build a decent home. For little more than 50p per day you can help more families in desperate need.

Fight poverty. Build a home.

For more on Habitat For Humanity and how you can help Share The Love, follow the link below.


Share The Love With Habitat For Humanity


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