Monday 24 June 2013

Here Comes The Sun?

Something a little bit different for a Monday morning. Our clients, and anyone that has had occasion to call up the island base of Pier32 will have had the unadorned pleasure of speaking to Gerry Hayter. The boss of us all here at the Pier, he's a proud and upright fella from sunny Hounslow (like Elvis Costello) with a colourful history in the music biz, and a voice that has equal measures of gravel and honey in it. It's an extraordinary thing, and makes Gerry a real joy to chat to on the phone.
He dropped me an email on Friday, which said in part:
It feels like summer at last at Pier 32 and just found one of my top toons from way back when I was A&R Manager in Africa for US label Casablanca Records. Would be good to see it up on the blog as Gerry's memories of summers past...
Can't say fairer than that. Summer so far has been hit and miss, to put it mildly. So let's invoke a little African magic, courtesy of The Voice of Pier32, and I hope it brings a little sunshine into your day.
Any other requests?

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