Thursday 13 June 2013

Still Alive

Since the Rana Plaza collapse in April, more and more attention has been drawn towards the dreadful conditions under which most garment workers in the Far East, Asia and India have to work. The trick is to keep that fact high on the agenda. It's important that the notion of better working conditions for third world workers doesn't become this year's fad. High in the sky like a firework one minute, nothing but cinders a moment later.
The Offset Warehouse, probably the biggest distributor of eco- and ethical-friendly clothing, are doing their bit to raise awareness. They've launched the "Still Alive" t-shirt, which boldly puts its status as cruelty-free wear front and centre. There's a nod to Katherine Hamnett's classic protest t-shirt designs in the strong, sans serif text and simple, direct message. It also makes an uncomfortable point in a clear fashion: it'll probably be one of the few items in your wardrobe that you can be totally certain has been made in an ethical manner. The t-shirts are made in factories where the employees are treated and paid fairly, and all the profits will go towards supporting the rights of garment workers worldwide.
They're under a fiver, which I'd say is well worth the investment. Show your support for garment workers rights, and look good doing it.

The Still Alive T-Shirt at Offset Warehouse

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