Wednesday 11 December 2013

The Source Awards: Everyone's A Winner!

Last week saw the announcement of the Ethical Fashion Forum's Source Award winners for 2013: A glittering affair where the great and good as well as the future innovators of ethical fashion were, quite rightly, lauded.
Although Pier32 once again failed to snag a nomination, here at the View we made a point of being magnanimous and instead, tried to predict some of the winners. So how did we do?
Well, ahem, we managed a measly hit rate of 20%, by tagging The Sway's heavy metal-inspired bags and clutches as winner in the accessories section. I wouldn't listen to our tips for the 3:45 at Kempton Park quite yet. However, we did also highlight the wonderful Senhoa in our introductory piece about the awards, and they won in the One To Watch category. So that counts for something... right?
I still stand by my choices, of course, but the winners in every category are worthy of their prizes, as is every nominee. The Source Awards shows us the eclectic and innovative face of ethical fashion, and that is worthy of celebration.
The Ethical Fashion Forum has the full list of nominees and winners.

While we're on the subject of the EFF, they currently have a big promotion on site that highlights a huge range of special offers from forum members, just in time for the holiday season. Current Pier favourites Cock & Bull and Arthur & Henry both have money-off deals, and there are offers on everything from lingerie to knitwear to snowflakes! If you want to give the gift of ethical fashion this Christmas, you could do much worse than start here!
The Ethical Fashion Forum Christmas Offer List

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