Wednesday 25 June 2014

Boho City: fuss-free ethical fashion!

If we want ethical fashion to become the norm, then it's important to make sure that it's normal to buy ethical fashion. Stay with me here. We are, as consumers, both savvy and lazy. We'll happily hunt down a bargain, but won't bother to figure out why that must-have dress is so cheap. From this fundamental split in logical thinking, fast fashion has grown, like a weed fed on blood and bone.
Excuse the purple prose, but you get where I'm coming from. If we want the people who make our clothes to be fairly treated, and for the processes by which those clothes are made to be environmentally friendly, then it's important to encourage retailers and manufacturers who stand by those values. Business is not a charity, and needs our money to survive. At the same time, the process needs to be normalised. It should be simple and fuss-free to buy ethical fashion, and it shouldn't be seen as a special or limited edition. Kudos to brands like H&M for launching concsious collections, but surely the whole stock should have those ethical credentials.
All of which is a bit of a long-winded preamble to the point of today's post: Guru Ian pointed me at a rather good new online store that focusses entirely on ethical fashion. Boho City is designed specifically for the 21st century fashionista who wants her fix at the click of a mouse. We're buying more and more of our fashion online these days. Well, why shlep out to the shops when you can have your goodies brought to you like you're some futuristic princess with a horde of magical clothing pixies to do your bidding?
The point is that we're used to this sort of thing--Amazon and Asos has spoiled us, and we now expect a flawless, wide-ranging experience when we shop online. This model is one into which ethical fashion slots beautifully. Low start-up and premises costs, and availability to a global marketplace means that, as long as the experience is smooth and easy, it's equally frictionless to get people spending their money on clothes that are fairly produced and non-toxic. Boho City are smart to realise that there's no need to push the eco-fashion credentials: just sell great clothes that happen to be produced in the right way. Their fun, girly e-store cleverly pushes the brand as festival-friendly. As we're coming up for the biggest show of the season, Glastonbury, this is a very smart move indeed.
If Boho City succeeds (and here at the Pier we certainly hope they do) then that's another step towards a simple goal: affordable ethical fashion for all.

Boho City

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