Wednesday 16 July 2014

Testimonial Time!

I know you all come to The View From The Pier for the incisive, in-depth commentary on ethical fashion and charities. But the fact is, we're here first and foremost to support the flourishing ethical promotinal wear business that funds us: Pier32. We have a vocal and enthusiastic client base who are happy to share.
So, I thought it would be nice to join the dots, and show my readership some of the real people wearing our clothing that have kindly shared their pics with us on our Facebook page recently.
The foxy ladies from Body Boost in Brighton are clearly pleased with the fitness apparel we supplied for them. Stretch pants, tops and hoodies in a real jewel box of different colours mean that they're getting in shape and looking good in the process!

Meanwhile, the team from Latin American Women's Aid, (LAWA) recently pitched up to run the Hackney Half Marathon in East London. Pier32 sorted them out with t-shirts and sports shirts to make sure they got the message across about the important work they do with disadvantaged women in South America.

While we're best known for apparel, we can put our skills to other uses. You know already about the work we do with marine conservation charity Sea Shepherd. Our latest collaboration: a beach towel, big enough to be comfortable on the sand, emblazoned with the piratical chic of the Sea Shepherd logo. Unlike the other items I've mentioned, this one's available to buy right now, through their eBay store.

The point I want to make here is that Pier32 work with a lot of different charities, groups, schools and businesses, and our focus is on making sure they go away happy... and then come back for more. We provide ethically produced and cruelty-free clothing that's good for the environment. We believe in working closely with everyone that gets in touch to make sure their order is trouble-free and high quality from initial contact to final delivery. I've shown just a tiny fraction of the happy customers that have bought ethical promotional wear from Pier32. You could be one of them. Why not give us a call?

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